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Tutorial: Simplify Your Workflow With Docker

We've all been there. You've tested your application time and time again, and everything is working *perfectly*. Now all you need to do is pull the code down to your deployment server and you're good to go, right? **Right?** Except... you're not. You deploy your code, and almost immediately you get users complaining that things aren't working. Turns out, you forgot to install some vital packages like `imagemagick` and `bcrypt`. Womp womp. There's a better way. Docker allows you to transcend these issues by building the same environment every time. This talk will go through the basics of Docker, how to get started, wha\sts a Dockerfile, why not just use a VM, as well as diving into the some of the common issues that Docker can solve for PHP developers.


Trezy (@RollForTrezy)