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Tutorial: Native Mobile Apps with Tabris.js

Tabris.js is a mobile framework that lets you develop native iOS and Android apps from a single code base written entirely in JavaScript. Tabris.js is fully native (no WebViews! and allows you to use existing JavaScript libraries, node modules and Cordova plugins to build your apps. The developer app lets you reload your code at the push of a button for a fast develop/test cycle. Tabris.js also has an online build service eliminating the need to set up SDKs to generate packages for mobile devices.

Tim Bond

Tim Bond (@TimB0nd)

Tim is a senior full stack PHP developer that has been working with PHP for 14 years and has seen PHP grow from its hodgepodged roots to a modern development language. When not in front of a computer, you'll probably find him hiking or biking around beautiful Seattle, or putting together a new Lego set on one of the rare rainy days.